Shell Completion

Generate a shell completion file for supported shells (bash/fish/zsh/powershell)

yq shell-completion --variation=zsh

Prints to StdOut a shell completion script for zsh shell.

Bash (default)

yq shell-completion

To configure your bash shell to load completions for each session add to your bashrc

# ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile
. <(yq shell-completion)


yq shell-completion --variation=zsh

The generated completion script should be put somewhere in your $fpath named _yq


yq shell-completion --variation=fish

Save the output to a '.fish' file and add it to your completions directory.


yq shell-completion --variation=powershell

Users need PowerShell version 5.0 or above, which comes with Windows 10 and can be downloaded separately for Windows 7 or 8.1. They can then write the completions to a file and source this file from their PowerShell profile, which is referenced by the $Profile environment variable.

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