Validate a given yaml file

yq v <yaml_file|->

Validates the given yaml file, does nothing if its valid, otherwise it will print errors to Stderr and exit with a non 0 exit code. This works like the read command - but does not take a path expression and does not print the yaml if it is valid.

Basic - valid

yq v valid.yaml

This will not print anything, and finish with a successful (0) exit code.

Basic - invalid, from stdin

echo '[1234' | yq v -

This will print the parsing error to stderr:

10:43:09 main [ERRO] yaml: line 1: did not find expected ',' or ']'

And return a error exit code (1)

Multiple documents

Like other commands, by default the validate command will only run against the first document in the yaml file. Note that when running against other specific document indexes, all previous documents will also be validated.

Validating a single document

yq v -d1 multidoc.yml

This will validate both document 0 and document 1 (but not document 2)

Validating all documents

yq v -d'*' multidoc.yml

This will validate all documents in the yaml file. Note that * is quoted to avoid the CLI from processing the wildcard.

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